“The history of red lipstick and why it’s still a classic”.

Red lipstick has been a timeless beauty need for generations. Red lipstick has been a staple of women's cosmetic routines for a very long time, dating back to Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. In the past, women would crush jewels to make a red pigment for their lips. This is how red lipstick got its start. Cleopatra was well-known in Egypt for her love of scarlet lipstick, which she made by crushing beetles. Women used a crimson color in the Middle Ages that was made by grinding up cochineal insects and combining them with beeswax.

Marilyn Monroe.


In the 1920s, when women started to embrace their sexuality and express themselves through fashion and beauty, red lipstick came to represent emancipation and feminine empowerment. According to legend, the French cosmetics business Guerlain developed one of the first red lipsticks that were sold commercially in 1912.

Guerlain Lipstick. Red lipstick saw an increase in popularity in the 1940s as it was viewed as a sign of patriotism during World War II. To support the troops and raise morale, women were encouraged to use crimson lipstick. During this time, red lipstick also grew to be associated with Hollywood glitz because to the use of actors and actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner.

Elizabeth Taylor

Why is red lipstick still a classic ? It is transforming, adaptable, and ageless. It instantly improves any appearance and has the power to communicate without using words. It also has the ability to boost confidence and make women feel empowered.

In conclusion, red lipstick has a lengthy and intriguing past that has endured through the ages. Red lipstick has remained a traditional cosmetic need from ancient civilizations to the present and will do so for many years to come.

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