Our bodies are uniquely made and that explains why most of us as ladies have different body sizes and shapes. It is from these body sizes and shapes that we can identify our body types. Knowing your body type will help you know what outfit works for you. In this article we'll discuss the five main body types and what outfit suit each body type.


A rectangular body type is a body where the bust measurements, hips, waist, and shoulders are almost the same. Most stylists advise using belted clothing or tucking your shirts in with this body shape in order to draw attention to the waist.


This is the most desired body shape by most women. The hip and bust measurements are usually almost similar with a very slim waistline. Stylists would recommend that you go for outfits that accentuate your waist like the body con dresses.


This is a body type where the lower part of the body is way broader than the upper part. Stylists recommend that when choosing an outfit opt for one that is too bright at the top to shift the attention from the lower part.


This is a body shape where the bust and areas around the waist are fuller whereas the hips are narrow. Ladies with this body type are advised to wear skater-like outfits and flared tops to flatter their body shape.

Inverted triangle

This is a body shape where the upper part of the body is more voluminous and the shoulders wider compared to the lower part of the body. Stylists recommend skater dresses and peplum-like tops for this body shape.

To sum up all these, we are all beautiful regardless of our body shapes, and the most important way to stand out in a group of people is to dress according to your body type.

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