The use of Makeup has become a routine for some ladies and this is because makeup somehow enhances their beauty and boosts their confidence. There are so many makeup products in stores that blend well with whichever complexion, face shape, and texture we have. Nevertheless, there are some makeup products that are a must-have and essential in our kits. We’ll list the top five makeup products a lady must have.


Primers are essential because they serve as a base for your face before foundation application. They reduce excessive sweating and hydrate your skin, making your cosmetics last longer.


Moisturizers are a must-have in a makeup kit. They not only prevent your face from drying up but also tranquilize sensitive skin. Dermatologists recommend that when looking for a moisturizer go for one that has glycerin and ceramides as the two will help hydrate your face and serve as a barrier from irritants.


Face foundations are ideal in a makeup collection because they can be used to conceal any facial flaws and scars, thereby improving the skin tone and boosting your self-esteem. Also when choosing a face foundation go for one that blends well with your skin type and one that has sunscreen as this will shield your face from getting damaged by the sun’s rays.


Lipsticks are a must-have makeup product because they not only complete your look but also brighten your face. It contains color and oils that moisturize your lips and prevents them from chapping.

Face powder

Face powder should be a staple in any woman’s beauty kit because of its many advantages. Benefits include boosting beauty and reducing excessive sweating, which extends the lifespan of the foundation.

With these key products in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to slay any occasion and turn heads wherever you go.

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